KNIGHT RIDERram-lamb-1921

Low Rider X Ambition

2016 Keeper Ram Lamb


We loved the handful of lambs we got from Knight Rider.  We were looking forward to him making a big stamp in our program, however the handful of ewe lambs we were able to keep will have to due.  We lost this guy unexpectidly.  His lambs were correct, pretty and had plenty of muscle.  

HOMERHomer profile 2

2014 Keeper Buck
Beam 101 x (Beam 101 x Anonymous)

This double bred Beam 101 ram is a stout, wide based ram who stands on good sized bone.  With proven genetics that work, we were excited to put this guy to work in our program.  Within a short time this ram has proven himself with several class winners and champions to his name.    


BEAM 101

Outlier x Yahoo

May 2010 ram purchased from Beam Club Lambs

Long bodied, super level square hip and great shag.  We feel this buck has been a great cross for our Max and Vince daughters.  We have kept over 25 Beam 101 ewes in our flock.




Apollo x Beam 101

Our pick of the 2017 Apollo lambs.  Used on a handful of ewes for fall lambs. 



Cadillac x NRR 4G  (Beam 101 x Leo)

We think Cadillac stamped this guy quite well.  This guy comes at you with a wide chest and carries that width thoughout.  We think this ram just keeps getting better and better as he matures.  He sires very consistant lambs.




Centerfold X Swagger 

This MacLennan bred ram was just the piece we were needing this spring.  A well put together ram that offers a great combination of design and thickness with great bloodlines to back him up, we couldn't resist adding Hef to our program.    

 Heff baby pic

Trailblazer Son

Trailblazer x Ott (Hooker)

November 2014 Ram

This was our top pick from our Trailblazer lambs.  Big growthy ram with great rack shape and a big hip.


BOATMAN 111 Boatman-Dec-FrontBoatman-Dec-Profile
Livewire son x Livewire daughter
Reg Hampshire

This December 2011 Hampshire buck has a ton of power.
Owned in partnership with Boatman Club Lambs.

Sire of the 2014 Spokane Junior Livestock Show
Grand Champion Market Lamb






117 5414

2014 Ram
Sired by Strange



Sire: Strange (Trunk x Long John x Leo x Leo) bred by Franklin  

Dam:  NRR 40R (Diesel son x Impact's Macho Man daughter


This buck has an outstanding genetic line up. Long boddied, square made with a wide base.


2014 AI Sires

                           Cadillac                                              Trailblazer                                
cadillac Trailblazer       

  Log Dog x Leo (Desert Mule's Mother)                                Johnson 1589 (Bullet X Trigger/Ice)

We are excited to have the opportunity to breed to these two outstanding rams. 
Lambs expected mid November 2014.

Makers TouchNeal-Profile-2016

Final Touch X (Makers Mark X Primetime)

Long bodied, plenty of shag and style.  This guy has huge bone, smooth shouldered and deep hip.  Purchased from Neal Show Lambs.  We will probably regret this with his first lamb crop on the ground and just hiting the show pen this spring, but after evaluating our program we just have too many bucks and need to cut back.  If you need to put more length and size back into your lambs this guys is for you.  



2013 AI Sire

Trunk x Long John x Leo x Leo

Owned by Franklin Show Lambs and
James Duffey 





NRR 10621062-Spring-2013
Anonymous x Leo


This January 2011 buck is out of a ewe we bought from Simpson's bred to their buck Anonymous.  Long bodied, pretty profile, great shouldered.






Sired by
Dam is a Blueprint daughter February 2008 ram

Bred by McGolden Club Lambs.





January 2006 ram purchased from Dan Layne of
Image Club Lambs.

He is by their Johnson bred ram "Duramax" and out of a Leventini bred ewe.