Smoke Stack web

Burn X Big Game 

We are extreamly excited to indroduce "Smoke Stack"!  When we started our search for our next buck we weren't sure where our search would take us, but we knew we wanted one that combined muscularity and style; we are cofident he fits that description quite handily.  Sired by Burn and out of a Big Game x JJ (Team Johnson ewe) bred by Shellhouse, he combines some great bloodlines.  This buck is impressive! Muscular, tight-hided, big footed, huge-ended but, one of his most impressive attributes is his front third--he's a cool dude! 

THANK YOU Cindy Freed and Three Sisters Sheep for offering us partnership on this exciting buck! 



Dictator X (Dirty Dog X Tundra)

This buck has been a game changer for us.  Good top, incredibly deep hip, great bone and more wool then we know what to do with!  Looking in the pen you can tell exactly which lambs are his with a very consistant look about them.  He is doing great things for our program!  He was our lead sire in 2018 and we look forward to what his babies do again in 2019.      

Owned in partnership with Warntjes Livestock.





Game Face x Young Jock

When we were offered to partner on this buck we didn't hesitate pulling the trigger.  This guy has sired champions around the country and we are excited to be in our third season of using semen from this great buck. 

Bred by Impact Hamps.  





Fruit Lupe Web

Apollo x 1062 (Anonymous x Leo) 

2018 Keeper buck lamb.  This young buck is a neat package.  He has a big top and deep leg but is still very cool on the profile.  Plenty of shag but doesn't dissapoint in true bone and foot size.  





APOLLO 1960 

Apollo 1960 Profile Web

 Apollo x 1062 (Anonymous x Leo)

When it came down to selecting who we were going to use as our keeper ram lamb this year we couldn't make the decision between Apollo 1960 and Fruit Loops so we ended up keeping them both!  Much like his brother Apollo 1960 offers a ton of muscle and skeletal width.  We look forward to seeing lambs from both of these rams in 2019.